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Mindfulness & Loving Nature based on TKM Psychotherapy Seminar

Dr. Hyung Won Kang

Professor of Oriental neuropsychiatry

Wonkwang University in Sanbon-ro Gunpo City, South Korea

10 PDA’s (Pending), APRIL 13-14, 2019

This two day seminar explores Traditional Korean Medicine views on the patient-practitioner relationship and working with the 7 core emotions. Time will be taken to learn about and experience mindfulness and how to be a loving presence in the treatment room. The Core Seven Emotions Inventory-Short Form will be gone over and teachings will include using the senses and emotions to rectify qi and bring pathological emotions back into a better state of health. Specific topics of PTSD, anger, depression, and panic will be covered, as well as working with buried feelings and memories.

Participants will be exposed to the following concepts:

  • Foundational theories of TKM psychotherapy
  • Creating therapeutic rapport with their patients
  • Measuring patient’s emotional state using the Core Seven Emotions Inventory-Short Form
  • Achieving a healthy, balanced mental-emotional state for the patient’s core emotions

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In this study abroad course, students learn and experience the inner workings of Traditional Korean Medicine and South Korean Culture. On a 10 day trip to Wonkwang University, Won Institute’s sister school, students attend lectures on Traditional Korean Medicine given by university faculty members. They also go on excursions to tour Wonkwang Hospitals in other regions of South Korea. Seoul is the last stop on the tour before returning to the US.

July 14-24, 2019

33.5 NCCAOM PDAs Pending

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